Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Never Disappoints

Some years Spring is late, some dry, but always a delight. This year is no different. But it changes to fast sometimes…I'd like it to linger just a bit longer. Each flower seems to be marching along a time line, so you need to capture it now since tomorrow it may be gone. I took these pics late last week and today I noticed most are way past their prime. So look back with me to what was blooming last week. This Crabapple was my 45th birthday tree. I plant a birthday tree every five years.
This cherry is a columnar variety and is a pillar of color.
It was a colder than normal winter but the Kerria seems to be blooming better this year than when the winters were milder. I like the serrated foliage too.
The late daffodils bloomed last week

These are some second year tulips. I was surprised they looked this good.
Candytuft is a long blooming spring flower in my garden
 This is a re-blooming iris…blooms early Spring and again in September.
 I think this is Glory of the Snow.
Creeping phlox is a blanket of color.
 It took a while for this woodland phlox to establish but it's worth the wait.
And a Sunday arrangement for this week.