Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice 2015

I always look forward to the first day of winter, not because I like cold weather, but the days begin to get longer again. The longer days awaken the the garden though it has been so mild this fall that nothing is in a deep winter sleep. I took a quick walk around my home garden late this afternoon to see what caught my eye. The most interesting blooming shrub right now is Mahonia. This is one of four in my garden. I didn't realize I had caught part of the bottle tree in the picture until I downloaded them.

Near the Mahonia is a Poets Laurel with showy red berries right now.

Next up is my earliest spring blooming camellia. It is just covered in blooms right now.

The fall blooming Camellia is looking a little tired but still adds a lot of color in the garden.

These daffodils are getting a jump on winter growth.

Just a few sporadic blooms on Kerri.

Lastly Fatsi has just finished blooming with the seed pods forming now.
A very pleasant fit day of winter walk.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

End of Summer Blooms

It was a misty warm day today so I got to spend a little time just admiring what was still blooming. I enjoy the lingering beauty of these late summer blooms since the end is near so to speak. I took a lot of pics today but these are the best of the lot. First some blooming blue Iris, still blooming tall verbenna and a late blooming stokesia daisy.

Mums bring an intensity of color to the garden at this time of the year.  I did not cut them back this year and only a couple have broken open but they bloomed earlier.

Dahlis always seem to extend summer.

Both ginger lilies and clematis are blooming.

I have several clumps of profusion zinnias and blanket flowers that are still blooming profusely.

There are still a few stray blooms onTansy and Daisy.

I haven't dead headed the roses for about 6 weeks but they still produce a few nice blooms.

The swamp sunflower is in full bloom. I love the late summer burst of color but hate its leggy and invasive habit. But I still keep it.
And the first fall Camellia bloom to finish this post.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mid September garden flowers

This week marks the end of Summer but the garden should continue to bloom for a couple of months. A couple of nice showers last week awakened the red naked ladies. The clumps are getting bigger…one clump had six blooms.

I've tried Toad Lily's in a couple of different spots in my garden. They are almost invasive and just look disheveled to me. This is probably the last pic I'll ever take of them since they're on the list to be dug out.
The curb garden is still thriving. It's Lantana and Melampodiumin
Vinca holds up to the heat so well. It's a never fail plant.
My first batch of rose cuttings are showing new growth. Since RRD is rampant in this area, I've started taking two cuttings of all new roses to replace the parent when it is infected. The operative work is 'when' not 'if'. The source of the infestation is infected landscape rose planted in city median strips…there could be more than a thousand infected roses. Until they die or are removed I will have diseased roses. Here is a new cutting.
You can tell that the season is changing in the garden. Color is showing on the crabapple and the seed pods on the blackberry lily have opened.
Several roses blooming in this week: Sky Rocket, Touch of Class, and Hawkeye Belle.

The Zinnias in the cutting bed are blooming non-stop. There is a richness to their blooms in the Fall. Here are some of the zinnia arrangements over the last several weeks.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dog Days of Summer

Seems as though the garden always looks a little tired this time of year. In reality it is just a breather until the burst of fresh blooms that signal the next season.The most impressive flower in August for me is the Naked Lady. They are stunning this year.

My Cereus has bloomed 5 times this summer and I saw another three buds forming tonight. I didn't stay up late enough to capture it fully open.
The Dahlias are blooming but not as profusely or as large as in years past. The Calla Lilies didn't produce as heavily as past years either. These are two of the Dahlias blooming now.

Phlox has been a good bloomer this year and has rebloomed too. Here is a variegated variety.
It started last year and again this year I've had a persistent problems with rust on Crocosmia and mildew on peony's. It really diminishes the flower production of Crocosmia. The peonies still bloom good. I sprayed them this year but didn't start early enough. Here's what it looks like.

The real scourge in my garden is rose rosette disease. I've lost 11 roses so far this year. I'm now taking two cuttings from new roses I plant as future replacements. The pic is RRD on Agnes. Agnes is a once blooming shrub rose that was always the first to bloom in the spring with a clear yellow flower and the foliage was beautiful all year. A very nice rose and I had not taken a cutting. Damn!!!
A rose blooming now is Deuil de Paul Fontaine but it is stingy with it's blooms. The foliage is diseased no matter what I do…just an ugly specimen in my garden…now if RRD hit it I wouldn't complain.

Creme de la Creme is a climber that is a good repeat bloomer and the flower holds up nice.
And finally a couple of arrangements with cut flowers from the garden for this weekend.