Friday, September 15, 2017

Fall 2017-1

Fall is here. Cool evenings, mild day time temps and for me adequate rain.  Everything is looking lush. This first pic is my curb garden. I've tried a lot of combinations over the past 30 years. Some looked nice but required a lot of maintenance and others never lived up to expectations. But Melampodiumin self seeds, rarely needs water, stays neat, blooms for five months and is free. 
 Ginger Lily is blooming now.
 These reblooming Iris are small and very prolific
 Kerri is lush with flowers now.
 Late blooming hydrangea.
 This is Pink Bush Clover...It thrives in full hot sun.
 Ground cover plumbago. It tolerates dry shade.
I had over 30 stems of the red naked ladies this year.
 Tansey is blooming again.
 Roses blooming now. This first is Audrey Hepburn...such a delicate rose.
 Fair Bianca does well in partial shade.
 I first grew Garden Party 30+ years ago.  Still a great rose.
 New Dawn is one of the few climbers that I like.
 Some church arrangements.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Summer 2017-4

It was a bit dry in July but with a few nice showers everything looks better. The last few days have been stifling hot and humid. Only a week or two and the weather will break...I hope. The Angel Trumpet is always a show stopper. Heavy blooms now.

The tuberose clumps are good size but only a few spikes. Some years there are none. I don't understand what makes it bloom but it's an interesting plant that's worth keeping.
This is the time of the year when the purple cone flower is at its best.
And after a rain the naked ladies show off.
Next are three Rudbeckia that I start from seed...occasionally they will winter over. The first is Cherry Brandy. It is the shortest and looks better in the picture than in the garden. 
The next is Prairie Sun. It is about 10-12 inches in height.
Indian Summer is the best of the three, large flowers on strong stems.
Russian Sage in full sun it will get 3-4 feet tall. It's a good cut flower.
Black and Blue Saliva is not a good cut flower but it is a nice back of the border plant.
Roses are breaking out of there summer slump. Here's a few blooming now. This is Barbara Louise
 Double Delight
 Glamis Castle
St. Ceclia 
 The Dark Lady
 The Prince
And several arrangements from the garden for this weekends liturgies.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer 2017-3

The 4th of July marks the beginning of the Dog Days of Summer for me. My garden has a tired look during the heat of the day but springs back by morning.  It's been dry for the last couple of weeks but as I pulled a few weeds today I was surprised how much moisture is in the soil. I'm a heavy mulcher and it does make a difference. Lots of color in the garden today. First Zinnias in the cutting beds.
A couple of gladiolas that didn't get cut for arrangements.
Some of the day lilly's have finished but these are a little later.
I've numerous nice clumps of Daisy's and Black Eyed Susans.
  This red hot poker is re-blooming as well as some Iris.
Liatris once established put on quiet a show.
Found a few rose blooms that the J. Beatles skipped; The Queen of Sweden, Tahitian Sunset, and Veterans Honor.
And lastly several floral arrangements from the garden.