Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer 2017-3

The 4th of July marks the beginning of the Dog Days of Summer for me. My garden has a tired look during the heat of the day but springs back by morning.  It's been dry for the last couple of weeks but as I pulled a few weeds today I was surprised how much moisture is in the soil. I'm a heavy mulcher and it does make a difference. Lots of color in the garden today. First Zinnias in the cutting beds.
A couple of gladiolas that didn't get cut for arrangements.
Some of the day lilly's have finished but these are a little later.
I've numerous nice clumps of Daisy's and Black Eyed Susans.
  This red hot poker is re-blooming as well as some Iris.
Liatris once established put on quiet a show.
Found a few rose blooms that the J. Beatles skipped; The Queen of Sweden, Tahitian Sunset, and Veterans Honor.
And lastly several floral arrangements from the garden.

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  1. A colorful explosion in your garden! Rabbits have invaded our neighborhood and they love zinnias. No blooms at all this year. Love you flower arrangements!