Thursday, April 30, 2015

First Rose Blooms

There is something special about the first rose bloom of the year. The shrub, climbers, and old roses are not cut back hard so they tend to be the first to bloom. I just shape them a little and then clean out weak and crossing branches. The hybrid teas, floribunda, etc are cut back hard so they need another week or so until they bloom. Here are four that are in boom this week. The first one is Agnes with a close pic up too. This rose was planted in the church garden in honor of a lady by that name who is a dedicated volunteer. I'm also reminded of a small country church from my youth...St. Agnes in Siegel SD. 

St. Agnes, Sigel, SD
Stanwell Perpetual
 Enfant de France
Joseph's Coat
It was cool today with a light drizzle. It's the kinda day when doing an unpleasant task sort of fits. I've last a number of roses over the last couple of years to rose rosette disease (RRD) and today I had to remove Zephirine Droughin. This was a beautiful rose and will be missed. RRD on this rose looked like this.

I've added azaleas to my garden over the last 30 years as more areas became shady. I didn't realize until I was looking at the garden in the rain today as to how often I picked red ones. Here are five different red azaleas in bloom today.

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