Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wall of flowers 2015

Ever year these azalea bushes get bigger…they are now above the eaves. It is spectacular. George Tabor is a one of a kind Azalea.

 My other favorite Azalea is Martha Washington
 My scraggly rhododendron blooms. Some day it may become a good sized bush.
 I've got a couple clumps of salvia that are blooming nicely this week.
 Once Solomon's Seal breaks in the spring it seems to be on a race to bloom. Very heavy foliage this year so I need to look under to see the blooms.

 I started these Foxglove from seed last fall, There are about a dozen in the garden.
And last this week is Deutzia. This is a good landscape shrub. Nice variegated foliage and arching branches covered with creamy blooms.

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