Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Catch-up

I've never seen pear, magnolia, red bud, forsythia, camellia, and cherry all blooming at the same time. Spring arrived about 10-14 days later this year which contributed to an overlap in so many blooming trees and shrubs. Here's what's blooming in my garden. 

The star Magnolia is just stunning this year. It bloomed sparsely last year but is covered this year.
 This yellow Magnolia is one of my favorites.
This also seems to be the year for forsythia. Mine is a weak bloomer usually but this year it is covered in bloom and is holding longer than usual.
This is an evening pic of the cherry in bloom.
 And the carb apple is just about to bloom…probably this next week.

The new growth and flowers on periwinkle always catch my eye.
Spring and Easter arrive at the same time this year. Here is a pic of the Italian Easter Bread I baked for the holiday. I don't braid it with colored eggs…I like it toasted with coffee. This is my Mother-in-laws recipe.
 Easter Flower Towers.

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