Thursday, March 19, 2015


Spring flowers are late this year. But it feels good to see the first blooms. It's been a while since I've updated this blog diary so time to get back at it. These are the meager blooms I have for the first day of Spring. Daffodils began opening earlier this week. About 2 weeks later than normal for the first blooms.
 A few crocus are in bloom. The small lantern marks the spot where the ashes of our dog, Daisy, is buried.
 It was a colder than normal winter for us but the edgeworthia didn't seem to mind it.

 I've always found the bloom of Mahonia to be fascinating.
While cleaning up the garden I was looking for the red peony new growth. I had to scratch to find it. Definitely later this year.

The late hard freezes burned the early camellia bloomers. These are the best blooms but the color is really washed out this year.

The Yuletide camelia has some winter freeze burn.

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