Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Waiting for a Cereus to bloom

Every summer I wait for the Cereus to bloom. I keep checking for buds, wait for them to swell, and on the 10th day I start checking it around 11PM every night to see and smell the bloom. This year I thought I'd show the progression of bud to bloom.
 Day1-6 buds
 Day 3
 Day 5-only two buds now
 Day 7
 Day 9
 Day 10
 Day 11
 Day 12
Day 12 11PM (It's raining)
Fortunately nobody took a picture of me kneeling on the patio, holding an umbrella, and taking this picture. There were three blooms this year and all opened on the same night.
Day 13-the morning after bloom

What was blooming the past week in the garden---here's what was cut for arrangements.

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  1. Love this post! The night-blooming cereus was well worth the wait... even in the rain.