Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mid-Summer Garden

Earlier this month we planned to spend a week on the Outer Banks but hurricane Arthur cut our visit short. Our children stayed behind and reported the eye passed over the house. They took these pictures at first light.  

Nothing says summer like a Zinnia. These are Benary's Giant that I start from seed. I order all the colors and they fill a 32 foot cutting bed. Last year I had a lot of mildew that killed some of them, so this year I've sprayed them when I spray the roses and they have not been infected.

These arrangements capture what is blooming in the church garden. While each flower is a beauty in the garden, it takes on a new dynamic when the ladies make these arrangements. These are five of the 12 or more arrangements they made last week.  Which is your favorite?

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  1. Sorry Arthur chased you from your vacation. Your children were brave to remain. Great photos. Zinnias sure are the workhorse of a summer garden and perfect for arrangements!