Friday, June 20, 2014

Last day of Spring garden walk

After several days of above normal temperatures and high humidity the weather returned to springlike today. Since there was a light cloud cover it seemed like a good time to take a walk in the church garden with the camera this morning. The front garden is now four years old and is beginning to mature. The lillies are in full bloom. The flower arrangers love them and while I have never been a big fan of them mainly because I've never grown them in my home garden. They are stunning and low maintenance. These are in the order as I walked through the garden.

Black and Blue Sage.
Black Eyed Susans.
These lilies are just about finished.
Tall Verbenna is used almost every week in arrangements.
More lilies.
Golden Celebration Rose
And more lilies
Another sage that is a good in arrangements.

Next I walked around to the garden in back of the church to see what caught my eye. This garden was first planted three years ago and has been expanded each year. This is the first year most of these day lilies have bloomed. I got them at an estate sale where the deceased hybridized iris and day lilies. They were pretty stressed when I dug them and it took a year for them to get established
Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia

This lily really stands out.
A red hydrangea
Midas Touch rose is slowly recovering from the cold winter.
I moved this yarrow from my home garden…it's doing much better here.
Don Juan rose.

I like to use verbenna as a ground cover.
Daisy's are just starting to bloom.

These lilies are about 4-5 feet tall with stalks like a small tree.

A climbing rose Sombreuil that is just starting it's climb up the arbor.

This rose is Benjamin Brittan

This is a very prolific white rose. Souvenir de St Anne 
Foam Flower
Lowell Thomas rose

That completes the walk in the garden. Next up are the arrangements that were made yesterday from cuttings for this weekend liturgies.

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  1. I put my first lilies (other than daylilies) this year. I thought I was purchasing a really tall variety, but they are less than 2'. And I never thought I would say this, but they are too orange.