Sunday, July 7, 2013


Nothing says summer like a bucket of Zinnias. 
The cool spring this year set me back about three weeks in starting seed so the first big flush of bloom is a little later this year. I don't use lights but just move the flats outside each morning after they sprout but I do need mild temperatures for this to work. This year I ordered all the seed colors offered to ensure I had a good variety of color. Unfortunately some insect ate most of the yellow and white seedlings. They seemed to leave the darker colors alone. I plan to start a second crop the end of July to extend the cut flower production into October. They bloom for about 8-10 weeks and then diminish. Below are individual blooms from the cutting garden.

The rose of the week is Fair Bianca. This is a very fragrant David Austin rose that does pretty good in some shade.
The cut flowers this week and an arrangement follow.

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  1. There are few annuals as satisfying as a zinnia.