Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is always a little bittersweet because each day is now a little shorter. It was a warm and humid weekend and the garden seems to be thriving with ample rain. I've only used the well to water twice this spring which is the least I've ever used it. This is what is blooming this week. The calla lilies are simple clean perfection to me. And no japanese beetle damage this year.
This year Indian Summer rudbeckia wintered over so the plants are much larger than normal at this time of the year. 
Gardenia's began blooming a week ago. These are in mostly shade but still bloom reasonably well.

More lilly blooms this week.

The rose of the week is Don Juan. This one of the best red climbers.
This weeks cut flowers and an arrangement.


  1. Your cut flowers are always impressive... and such abundance! The church is certainly blessed to have these gifts from your garden.

  2. Thanks Annie. I enjoy growing and sharing them with others. The goal is to have garden cuttings for 6-10 arrangements each week from Easter to Thanksgiving...each year we get closer to the goal.