Monday, May 27, 2013

Rain and Drizzle

It seemed like each evening when I wanted to spend some time in the garden it was raining or drizzling this past week. The weekend was sunny, cool and windy. It seems more like early spring than late spring. This is what's blooming this week. Kousa dogwood is heavy with bloom this year.
 The Summersweet shrub is in it's prime this week and blooms for several weeks.
 A close up of the bloom.
This week Siberian Iris was blooming.
Another blue flower in bloom is False Indigo.
The bright spot in the garden is yellow primrose.
Beauty Bush also broke into bloom this week.
This week the curb garden had some new color with the clematis blooming.
The rose of the week is Félicité Perpétue. This rambler rose is only three years old and is extremely vigorous. The bloom are small but very thickly petaled.

The cut flowers and an arrangement this week.

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