Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring Flower Parade

Each week it seems something new comes into bloom--it's a flower parade that never grows old. The cooler than normal temps and adequate rain is just perfect for the garden and the weeds. Usually I seldom see a wild strawberry in the garden but this year they are everywhere. Fortunately they are easy to pull. The two big bloomers in the garden this week are peony and mock orange.

These self seeded foxgloves made good cut flowers the week.
I've planted alliums several times over the years with little success but this year I did get blooms. Hopefully they will comeback next year.
The Fairy Bells is slowly expanding and has a nice flower. I have it in full shade
Martha Washington azalea is always one of the last to bloom in the garden.
Last week cotoneaster bloomed. 
The Japanese snowbell tree was in full bloom this week. It is four years old and this is the heaviest it has ever bloomed. 
The rose of the week is Crown Princess Margareta. It is a David Austin shrub rose that does well in light shade.
This weeks cut flowers and an arrangement.

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