Sunday, November 4, 2012

Feels like Feburary

A chilly windy week--feels like late winter. A little clean up after Sandy but no damage in the garden. Not much blooming since the cool weather seems to have put the garden to sleep. Another nor'easter seems to be setting up for mid-week. So it will be awhile until were back to our normal temperature range. These mums survived the wind and rain and are the only flowers looking good right now. 
While cleaning up I noticed several plants with bright seeds: Nandina, Savannah Holly and Strawberry Bush.
I'm a scavenger picking up curbside bagged leaves that have been shredded by a mower and pine straw on garbage collection day. I use them to mulch the church new garden beds to keep down winter weeds. Lots of good mulch following the storm. I picked up three pickup loads this weekend.
Cut flowers this week were minimal so florist flowers were needed for arrangements.

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