Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wind and Rain

It was a wet and windy weekend though nothing extreme for me. The rain was for the most part gentle and over 3 days about 8 inches. The wind gusted to 40+ and did bring down a large branch in a white oak that had broken sometime earlier. I was hoping a good west wind would break it free--which it did. This Dahlia and Anemone are new blooms this week..

The Melampodium self seeds and blooms in the same bed as the Bee Balm. They share the same spot in the garden. 
Ageratum and a single sunflower are blooming in the church cutting garden.
These roses were blooming this week; La Ville de Bruxeles and Roseraie de l'Hay.
This weeks cut flowers and an arrangement.


  1. We had a fair beatdown here, but nothing permanent, just messy. I think all of Hampton Roads should feel lucky.

  2. Seeing the pictures of the Jersey shore, oh dear, just breaks my heart. Glad Hampton Roads was spared big storm damage.