Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Roses

A rose blooming in the fall of the year is glorious. The bloom is not as heavy but they seem to be fuller and because of the cooler weather longer lasting. These were blooming this week in the church garden when I was taking cuttings. I planted each of these in the last two years so they are all still young. I've cut back and moved about 10 this past week since in my haste to get them in the ground I did not have the right spot prepared for them.  Next year they should be happier.  It was a wet morning so the blooms are heavy with rain drops but it was the only time I had to take pictures.

American Beauty
 Double Delight
 Enfant de France
 Francis Dubril
 L. D. Braithwaite
 Margret Merrill
 Mrs. John Laing

This weeks cut flowers and an arrangement.

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