Sunday, October 14, 2012

Peak Dahlia bloom

Dahlia's are in peak bloom now. I did a terrible job of keeping them staked this year and they are sprawled over the ground. In spite of my lack of attention I have had nice long cutting stems. Last Spring when I dug them the voles had been eating the tubers but it did't seem to diminish their vigor when I replanted them. I sent some to my brother and they did well for him too. One of my New Years resolutions this year will be to keep them upright. Since they are such a mess I thought I'd share just a simple arrangement of dahlias.
The more than adequate rainfall this fall was perfect for Painter's Pallete. Not only is it covered with blooming spikes but the leaves are not scorched.
While it is common in ditches this time of the year I always like to have a clump of goldenrod in in the garden.
My cuttings of my grandmother's coleus didn't survive the winter but I did get some cuttings from my brother this spring. I let it go to head this year--I like the bloom.
Poet's Laurel seeds are striking against the dark green foliage. It is a slow growing shrub with arching branches that are ideal for arrangements.
The rose of the week is Cecil Brunner. This has been a very prolific bloomer.

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