Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rain and then more rain

August was a very wet month with over 22 inches of rain. And it's raining tonight. While my garden is soggy I saw first hand the drought on the northern plains this past week while visiting family in South Dakota. This is a picture of a corn field on my niece's farm. The corn has been cut for silage and a few rows are left for the insurance adjuster to calculate the loss since they had crop insurance. The low clouds did not bring rain during my visit.
 Sunflowers still thrive in the ditches.
I lived five miles from the nearest town. This is main street, Lesterville, SD. Not much has changed in the 50 years since I left--just an insurance agency and two bars now--there were three bars and a general store 50 years ago.
 This is the church, St John the Baptist, my family worshipped at in this small town.
 Below are picture of my brother's garden in Omaha NE.  It looks even better than the pictues.

 He has some beautiful grasses. I brought back divisions for my garden.
 This is the rose of the week: The Dark Lady.
This weekends cut flowers and an arrangement.


  1. The rainfall in Tidewater has been unbelievable, especially when it wasn't in conjunction with a hurricane. The drought in the Plains states has been horrible.
    Your arrangement is lovely, as always.

  2. Not to disparage your home town, but if I lived that far in the hinterland, I would need both bars, as well as the church.

  3. Les--most of the people back there needed the "spirit" of both the bar and the church. When I grew my first garden in Norfolk and saw how bountiful it was I thought I was in paradise and remarked to my Dad---whatever possessed people to go West!!!!