Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back Home

We spent the past week babysitting our grandchildren in Rocky Mount, NC.  As grandparents this is always a special time and it seems more enjoyable than raising your own.  Age gives you a different perspective. The weather has cooled, the days are shorter--Fall has arrived. The night before we left the Ceresus bloomed  This is the third time this Summer it has set buds and I think there may be another bud setting.  I didn't realize that it would bloom more than once. What a gorgeous bloom.
Another nice bloom is on the passion vine.
Fleece Flower is also in full bloom now. I've moved it several times and it seems to flourish in this partial shade spot.
After the heavy rains last month the Lirope is very showy this year.
The rose of the week is Golden Celebration.
Last month I showed the damage done by bag worms to Juniper and the gapping hole when the damaged area was removed. This is what was done to fill in the empty space. Before and After pictures.

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  1. Love the transformation of your yard. Looks great. My epiphyllum bloomed four times this year. Just keep feeding it compost or worm castings.