Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall has arrived

The sun is warm during the day and the evenings are cool--what a wonderful season.  The only short coming of the season is the early sunset. I only have a short time in the evening to be in the garden but it is a delight. Here are some of the new flowers blooming this week. Pink Bush Clover is in full bloom.
The Sedum Autumn Joy in full sun has turned while those in shady areas are still white.

I've got several clumps of different varieties of Toad Lily's but I've forgotten what they are. They do much better since I've planted them in wire cages since the voles seem to like their roots.
I don't believe the Turtle Head looks as good as it has in past years and the leaves are splotchy this year.
I noticed when I was taking pictures this weekend that the weeping crabapple is heavy with fruit.
The rose of the week is Princess Diana.
Not as many cut flowers this week and an arrangement.


  1. A weeping crabapple? How very nice. Imagine it is a great showing in the spring as well.

  2. Your blooms might let you know it is fall, but seemingly overnight many trees have started bronzing ready to become even more colorful.