Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Flowers

A couple of years ago I bought a pot of Rough Cone flower at a community plant sale--or so I thought. It's over 6 feet tall, has smooth stems, and spreads by underground runners--so I think it's something else. It's somewhat invasive but can be held in check. It blooms profusely over several weeks and is a good cut flower too. I plan to keep it.
The Lantana and Melampodiumin in the curb garden are putting on quite a show now.

Dahlias in my garden this year seem to be struggling. I'm not getting the profusion of blooms and they are smaller this year. Here are a couple.

What does look better than in past years are the size of the Caladium leaves. I grow them in pots--one at the front door and another at the back door.

The rose of the week is Roseraie de l'Hay. This is a rugosa shrub rose that is drought tolerant, disease resistant, re-blooming, and fragrant. Everything you ever wanted in a rose.
These are the cut flowers for this week and an arrangement.

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  1. I wonder what's up with dahlias this year. I have not seen any yet.