Monday, July 30, 2012

A Pleasant Surprise

When we returned from vacation I noticed the Cereus had bloomed. It's not a very pleasing pot plant with scared and bruised leaves but the bloom makes up for it's humble appearance.  I thought I'd have to wait a year.  But then I noticed six little nodules forming last week but I thought they were probably new leaf segments since I had never seen a plant with six blooms and it had already bloomed.  The pics below show 5 of the 6 buds forming--what a nice surprise.

The Statice and Ageratum in the cutting garden are in full bloom now.
I also planted foxglove from seed this spring since it was advertised to bloom the first year. It's blooming but the spikes are very short.
The rose of the week is Black Jack. The voles were eating the roots of this rose last year so I took four cuttings to root.  It wasn't that difficult and all four rooted. This is a pic of this rose cutting one year later in bloom. This red rose will always be a favorite.
This year I've rooted more cuttings. In the first pic two cuttings are still covered in plastic which I keep in place for about a month. I keep them in these pots uncovered until they break new leaves. The second pic are cuttings that I took in May and are now in larger pots.
This weeks cuttings and an arrangement.


  1. My night bloomer is worse looking than yours!!! Have two buds, missed the first bloom as we were out of town. Epiphyllum oxypetalum.

  2. Janet, LOL. They are sorry looking plants--but oh what a bloom.