Monday, August 13, 2012

Mary in the Garden

I had a fun project this week in the church garden. One of the ladies in the Art and Environment group ordered a three foot statue of Mary to place in the garden. I can follow a plan but developing a plan is an iterative process for me so I enlisted the help of a landscaper in the church to get it right the first time. He knew where to go to get the rock and had an idea as to how to execute it.  This is how it progressed. 

 As soon as Mary was in place, the landscape crew moved on to cut out the damage done by bagworms.  Here is healthy juniper, damaged juniper, the bagworm, and the area removed.
I was so proud of the blooms on the cereus a couple of weeks ago but I did something pretty stupid. A couple of the buds were laying on the patio and losing their plumpness, so I set it on a patio table which placed it in the hot afternoon sun. Yes I cooked those beautiful buds and this is what is left.
The rose of the week is Don Juan.
This weeks cut flowers and an arrangement.

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  1. Sorry to see all those junipers gone to bagworms. Wow. As for your Epi bloom, once mine are limp and done blooming I deadhead them. Think that helps them put energy into new buds.