Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mid June Garden

It seems the longest day of the year always comes too soon but the first day of Summer is almost here. It was a very cool weekend with a stiff nor'easter blowing--sort of a fitting end to a Spring that started much warmer than normal. The Yarrow in my garden has never looked better. I have three varieties shown here.

Another flower that looks really good this year is Blue Danube Stokesia.
I've taken buckets of Monarda cuttings for three weeks now but it is still a mass of red in the garden.
Cone Flower is in full bloom now.
This hydrangea still looks nice after taking cuttings twice. I gave this to my wife as a 6" florist flower for Mother's Day about 15 years ago.

A new shrub in my garden this year is Sem False Spirea. The bloom is interesting.
Last year I planted some Louisiana Iris in the Church garden. I've never grown them before but they have been steadily blooming for a month now. It is definitely a keeper.

The rose of the week is Leonidas.
I didn't get pictures of the cut flowers in buckets but this is an arrangement of garden flowers.

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