Sunday, June 10, 2012

The garden at dusk

I really appreciate the garden in the evening after the sun has set. White flowers seem to give off light as darkness closes in. These are blooming in my garden this week. The first is Calla Lily's. I've tried the pink and yellow types but the white is still my favorite. I always touch the blooms just to feel the silky smoothness.
 This first Gardenia is Radicans--it is a low growing almost ground cover shrub.
I don't know the variety of the next two gardenias. I only have four left since the voles have taken out two over the past couple of years.

 Queen Anne's Lace is like a spotlight at dusk.
While Nandina doesn't sparkle, its soft white is the perfect glow for shady areas.
A couple of variegated leafed plants that light up the evening are Fleece Flower and Painters Palette.

The rose of the week is Erfurt. This is a richly scented profuse bloomer that does well in part shade-this one gets about 2 hours of sun a day. It is an old rose first introduced in 1939.
 The cut flowers and an arrangement for this week are below.


  1. Genen,
    Maybe you should have an area of your garden devoted solely to white flowers as in Sissinghurst which is truly lovely .White flowers are magical by night and their perfume exhilarating.

  2. Gene -- The gardenia pictured under the Radicans looks like G. jasminoides 'August Beauty'. In any good year it can bloom from May - Oct so forget about waiting until August (as your photo demonstrates).