Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stormy Weather

Friday was the first day of hurricane season and a tornado touched down in Hampton.  No injuries and some wind damage but not the total destruction that often occurs. A lot of rain this week--over four inches. The weathermen on TV provided a good warning so I watched the sky from my open garage door trying to see a cloud funnel formation but it was about five miles away. This is what I saw--just dark swirling clouds.
A lot is blooming in the garden this week.  The clematis on the mailbox is just finishing its peak bloom.
Astilbe has not done as well as in past years. I think the dry early spring is the cause. I missed taking a picture of the pink and reds but here is Deutschland.
Another flowering shrub that I almost missed getting a picture of is Summersweet. It survives in dry shade but it really wants a wetter spot.

I like the bright cheerfulness of yellow Primrose--it just lights up a garden.
The heavy rains have toppled the Campanula but this solitary stem against the arbor post was still standing.
A striking flower in my garden and a stunning cut flower is Monarda.  It should bloom for a couple of weeks.
The rose of the week is Julia Child.
This weeks buckets of cut flowers and an arrangement.


  1. Glad to hear you fared well from the storm. Sister in law had flying debris hit her car, she lives downtown Hampton.
    Your bouquets are lovely as usual.

  2. Gene, I am glad your garden survived. Seeing what tornadoes are capable of, I'd say Hampton was fortunate.

  3. May i ask what the name of that clematis is?