Sunday, June 24, 2012


This is the second year I've had a cutting garden at the church. The beds are 4' X 32'.  Last year I grew zinnia's, black eyed susan's, ageratum, sunflowers, celosia, and asters. For the number of plants I didn't have room for succession planting, the asters were just a tangled mess, and the sunflowers were the single bloom variety (they took a lot of room and only a single bloom--though it was beautiful). This year I added a second bed so I can spread the plants out and have room for succession planting. I didn't plant asters or celosia and added gladiolas, statice, and queen ann's lace. Since March was above normal in temperature I jumped the gun a little in setting out the seedlings and I think they were set back a couple of weeks but most recovered. A cutting garden requires a detailed planting schedule, the discipline to follow it, and of course the time to get it all done. I'm still working on all three--got a ways to go. This is the second week I've taken zinnia cuttings so thought I'd share some of the blooms and a pic of the bed. They are Benarys Giant Zinnia.

This is a multi-flowered sunflower (Soraya). I will plant this one again next year.
The rose of the week is Black Magic.
And lastly cut flowers and an arrangement.

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  1. Zinnias happen to be one of my favorite annuals, but I like the smaller ones that do not necessarily make good cut flowers. For some reason they are not doing well for me this year, but I have my suspicions as to why.