Sunday, April 29, 2012

Garden Peonies

For me the transition from early spring to late spring flowers occurs when the peonies bloom.  Peonies seem to be very long lived since the two varieties that I have are probably 50 years old or older. I disbudded some of the buds and staked them since rain will weigh the large blossoms down to the ground. They were stunning today when I took these pictures.

The white azaleas are finally in bloom. Azaleas have bloomed over a longer period to time this year because of the cooler temperatures in April but the warm March forced an earlier than normal bloom.
For many years I have tried to establish Lily's-of-the-Valley without much success but I think I've turned the corner since my clump is expanding now.  It certainly has not been invasive in my garden.
I pruned the Beauty Bush hard last year after meager bloom. That's what it needed since it is in heavy bloom this year.
Fairy Bells are in bloom this week too. This is the second year for this plant.
The last of the Bearded Iris are in bloom now.
This Gaillardia in the curb garden is a bright spot today.
The rose of the week is Buff Beauty.  It is loaded in bloom.
I didn't have my camera when I cut flowers this weekend so I just have an arrangement to share.

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