Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Flowers

There is a lot of color in the garden this week.  It's been a dry spring about 5 inches below normal but a nice long 2+ inches of rain this weekend. This cotoneaster standard is a nice specimen and it bloomed this week.
There seems to be a lot of pink flowers this week.  A couple of weeks ago the garden seemed more blue. The first is deutzia.
Dianthus in full bloom.

Another couple of azalea's are in full bloom.  I'm still waiting on the whits azalea to bloom.  The azaleas started blooming early this year but it's been a longer than normal bloom.

Every year I watch this rhododendron struggle to survive but it always has a few blooms.
The last of the pinkish flowers is money plant. It self seeds aggressively but is easy to pull.

I've got one red hot poker that blooms much earlier than the others. It is growing under a crabapple so I'm sure it was seeded from bird droppings.
The rose of the week is Frederic Mistral.
And below are the church cuttings and an arrangement.

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