Sunday, April 15, 2012

Azalea's in full bloom

This week azaleas are in full bloom and what a show they put on. This is the "wall of flowers" in my garden.
They're about 30 years old and are approaching eight feet in height.  Here are some close up of these and others blooming now.

Solomon's Seal is blooming this week. The last of the shoots are just breaking ground while the other side of the bed is in bloom--not sure why some were delayed.

Bearded Iris began blooming last week and more came into bloom this week. In my garden it seems the lighter shades bloom earlier than the darker ones.

Here is the large Hawthorne that serves as a privacy hedge.
I've got the red and blue creeping phlox but this bi-color really stands out.
I finished emptying this compost box this weekend and turned waste that I've collected since last spring into the box. This springs dry stuff is on the bottom and last summers almost compost on top. I get about a yard of compost a year--that's a lot of compost over the last 25+ years. 
I dug up a large clump of Dahlias this weekend to divide but found that voles had been feasting on the tubers. I replanted the intact tubers in cages.
Here is the best of the first rose blooms this week.  This is Double Delight.
Here are the flowers cut for church and an arrangement.


  1. You are showing my favorite Azalea, George Tabor. I don't genrally like pink flowers, but this is one I look forward to seeing each year.

  2. Nothing prettier than a mature azalea in full bloom! Just lovely.

  3. Les and Janet, Thanks for stopping by.