Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter flower arrangements

I've been a backyard gardener for many years but it is only the last few years that I've grown flowers for use in arrangements at church. I gather whatever is blooming each week as well as foliage for these arrangements to augment florists flowers.  There are many weeks when few or no florists flowers are used. While I've always enjoyed my garden seeing these flowers put to use each week has added a new dimension to my gardening and it has energized me. And at the same time I am humbled by the beauty that emerges from buckets of flowers. This week I thought I'd just show the arrangements these ladies put together on Saturday. This arrangement was at the entry. Kinda leaves you without words.

 The next two are at the statues of Mary and Joseph.
 An arrangement similar to this is on the gift table each week.
My photo skills really don't do justice to the flowers at the base of the Paschal candle by the baptismal pool.
 These next two arrangements flank the wall behind the altar. They are stunning.
This arrangement is at the Ambo. After this picture was taken each candle also had flowers weaved into the base.
Another interesting arrangements.
And lastly the buckets. I made two additional trips to get flower and foliage which is not shown here.

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  1. Such beautiful flowers! The ladies who are arranging them show such talent and grace with their creations.