Monday, May 7, 2012

Longer days

I spent an hour or more every evening last week in the garden. The weather was mild and the days are longer so it's a perfect way to unwind and reset the rhythms in my life. I'm past the rush of spring so I can just let the sights and smell of the garden blank out the world for a little while. It's been a wonderful long blooming spring. For over six weeks azaleas have been in bloom. This week the Mock Orange fully opened. I did prune this 20+ year old shrub last year and need to cut even more back this year.

A couple more iris varieties are in bloom now.

I usually have volunteer Foxglove each year from bird droppings but this spring I had to purchase plants. I think the heavy mulch I put in the garden last fall probably smothered them. I did start some from seed this spring--not sure if they'll bloom this year or next. These are blooming now.

I always marvel at the waxy petals of sweet bay magnolia. To appreciate it's simple beauty you need to get close to it.
On the other hand this pink primrose says look at me as it pushes and climbs over other plants. It thrives even between the pavers on the patio.
The rose of the week is Golden Showers. I have it trained over an small arbor with the best blooms above the arbor. My neighbors have the best view of the blooms from their second floor windows.
The cut flowers for the week and an arrangement are below.


  1. Gene, you have the most amazing flowers to put into arrangements. I have really been noticing the Mock Orange this year. Funny how some plants keep popping up some years.

  2. Hello Gene, I have a mock orange which is like yours here (top picture). Do you know the name of it?
    I have two other mock orange - one is Philadelphus 'Virginal' and the other is Philadephus 'Lewisii Blizzard', so I would really like to know what this one is. I haven't been able to find out yet!
    I just adore the perfume of them, they scent the whole garden!