Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Parade

Each week in spring it's like watching a parade as different plants and shrubs put on their finest. This rite of spring always has a few surprises and disappointments but it is a joy to watch it pass in review. The tulips in the curb garden jumped the gun a week or two and are in full bloom now. I had planted three different types expecting to have blooms over a 4-5 week period but a couple of 80+ days pushed them all into bloom. 

This week the yellow magnolia is in full bloom.

I delayed taking a picture of the lenten rose hoping that the new red one would bloom.  It doesn't look as though it will bloom this year so here are the two that are blooming.

Several more daffodils are blooming this week.

The loropetalum is really full of bloom this year.  It has been blooming sporadically all winter but has a vivid burst of color now.

This was the Laetare Sunday and some flower arrangements are permitted in the sanctuary to mark the mid point of Lent.  These are the cuttings and an arrangement.


  1. Janet and Annie, Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Loropetalum? Is this a different species than thunbergii?

    1. I was confused, I thought I was looking at Lespedeza, even though I typed Loropetalum. It has been that kind of day. Just forget I commented.