Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring flowers

It was a cool week which slowed down the rush to spring. Daffodils are in full bloom now which is about a week earlier than usual. Here are a couple more different daffodil blooms.

I like large clumps of daffodils. They should be divided but they just make such a nice impact when they clump like this. My annual daffodil bloom count this weekend is 1391. The count is about the same year to year.
While the daffodil's bloomed a little earlier, I think the edgeworthia is blooming a little later this year. I'm waiting for this shrub to get to the 5-6 feet in height so I don't have to get on my knees to see the flower.

About half of the edgeworthia died last year. It may not have liked being moved, voles may have feasted on it's roots, too much sun, or too wet. It has nice new shoots emerging from the base so will wait another year before I do anything.
While cleaning the garden this weekend I noticed a dahlia shoot pushing up through the winter leaf mulch. I leave dahlia tubers in the ground under a heavy mulch since I've never had any success in digging and wintering them over in the garage. I may have early dahlia blooms this year.
This is the week star magnolias began blooming. The weather forecast for this next week is for daytime temperature in 60-70's so they will only last a couple of days and by next weekend the ground will be covered with white petals.


  1. Love the pink ruffled daffodil. Is your daffodil count the number of blooms? wow!
    I love having my Edgeworthia in a semi-raised getting on my knees to take the photo!

    1. I count the fully open blooms. I just wish they lasted longer.

  2. That's an impressive daffodil count.