Sunday, February 19, 2012

Three Live Oak Trees

While my garden still slumbers in the damp chill of late winter I thought I'd take a closer look at three Live Oaks that I've passed by sometimes daily for over 30 years. These majestic trees straddle the Hampton Roads Harbor and all three lie within a five mile circle.  There trunks and limbs are thick and heavy--it seems the weight of what they've witnessed over the past 400+ years weighs them down.  The first is the Emancipation Oak on the grounds of Hampton University.

The next is the Algernourne Oak.  It is located near the parade ground at Fort Monroe.  This tree has been limbed up over the years but is still a massive tree.

I believe the Willoughby Oak is the largest in Virginia. This tree for many years was surrounded by the tanks of a fuel farm but is now protected by a large enclosure.  Unlike the other two there is very limited public access to this tree.

This Nandina hedge has been the source of foliage for church arrangements.  It is not in my garden but nearby.
This is the foliage for this weeks arrangements and the last arrangement until Easter.


  1. I didn't know about the third oak, thanks for sharing it. They are magnificent trees.

  2. The only one I have not seen is at Fort Monroe. I plan on making a trek when the weather warms.