Sunday, February 12, 2012


It was a 'thundersnow'; thunder, lightning, and snow when the cold front moved through yesterday.  Not much snow but it did cool off to the lower 20's. The days are getting longer and this just feels like the end of winter. The Daphne is blooming earlier this year. I only have one of these and really should add a couple more. I like the way the evergreen foliage looks throughout the year too. The flower buds are just starting to open.

With the freeze last night most of the flowers on this Camellia will be burned. With the mild weather the branches are bending under the weight of bloom--this is the first year I've ever seen this.

This little camellia open this week. It's been in my garden for just a couple of years and is supposed to grow in a narrow and upright fashion. It seems to be stretching and not spreading.
This week also marks the second anniversary of this blog. It serves as a diary for me since I usually record first blooms and can check back to see when I posted them in past years. If a flower really stands out in my eyes I will post it several times since I just feel good looking at it. I enjoy the simple pleasure of working in the garden throughout the year. It's usually a private time; busy hands but my mind can wander and take gardening flights of fantasy and at other times I have a prayer on my lips as I am in awe of what grows and flowers. This blog is a way of sharing what catches my eye.

And this weeks church arrangement.


  1. I can't figure out this bouquet location since I did not come to church but it is lo-ve-ly.

  2. Marie, It is on the wall near the tabernacle. I thought it was special too.