Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sun vs Snow

Yesterday my brother in Nebraska sent me a picture of his backyard after 6 inches of snow. I didn't view the image until in the evening since it was such a pleasant day I spent it cleaning the yard and helped plant 1200 daffodils in the church garden. I remember winters on the Northern plains, have no regrets leaving, and the kindest thing I can say is "it was a character building experience". I'm still waiting for a hard freeze to put the garden to bed for the winter. So this week I thought I'd share a few pictures of tender plants blooming this afternoon.
And this was my brothers backyard this weekend. The first snow is so fresh and serene. I still look forward to the first snowfall but prefer only one.
I haven't cut the rose blooms for over a month but only a couple have produced nice rose hips.
The rose of the week is L. D. Braithwaite. I'm somewhat concerned since quite a few roses are blooming and producing new growth. The forecast is for mild weather for another week. 

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