Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks

I spent a good part of the holiday working in the yard and garden and as I age up I take a break more often. Taking these short breaks has been a gift. As I look around during these moments I see more deeply into my garden than when I was younger and moving quickly from task to task. I don't have profound thoughts--just the simple pleasure of taking in the wonders of Mother Nature. I give thanks for slowing down.

The fall blooming camellias are just breathtaking this year. The mild weather and light frost has been perfect for them to hold their blooms. Last year my Yuletide Camellia had just a few blooms but it is covered this year. These were blooming this afternoon.
One plant that each summer just doesn't live up to the "catalogue pictures" for me has been crocosmia. I thought the voles might be eating it so planted it in buried pots but still only meager blooms. This year at a spring plant sale there was a pot of them so I bought it and planted it beside mine but outside the pot. The voles didn't eat it but not real impressive blooms. I think my luck may be changing though since it looks really healthy this fall. I'm sure they're building big corms with some real flower power--wishful thinking?
I also potted up tulips for forcing this weekend.  My intention is to have them in bloom for Easter. They're in the garage refrigerator for their chilling/rooting period.
The rose of the week is another unknown. A hard freeze will put an end to roses for this year but not in the forecast for the next week.
During the first couple of weeks in Advent the only plant material in the sanctuary is the Advent Wreath so no arrangements to share this week.

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