Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Frost

This week I had the first frost of the year. It was a light one but killed Impatiens, Ginger Lilies and Dahlias. And the tree leaves are dropping hard right now. Usually my heavy leaf clean up is Thanksgiving weekend so it seems to be a little earlier this year. The weather was mild this weekend so clean up was pleasant and I planted two tree peonies that had arrived from a mail order. I've always admired them but they seemed a little expensive but thought I'd splurge this year. Only one had a bud so I'm not sure I've got two viable tubers--time will tell.

The fall blooming camellias are very showy this year. The frost nipped the petals this week so this is the best one but I will post more next week.
When I was mowing the back yard I noticed the leaves on a viburnum had a glow to them that I never noticed before. I think the high iron content of my well water caused the shine.
The fall berry for this week is Nandina. I really like this plant because it does well in dry shade in my garden. The shape, leaves and berries add interest throughout the year. I haven't trimmed the old branches for several years so this one is getting a little leggy.
I was surprised to see this rose blooming today with no petal damage after the frost this week. It's a pass along from my brother so it is used to a harsher climate.
The cuttings I took this week for church arrangements were foliage from wooded areas.  This is an arrangement using dogwood branches.

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