Monday, November 14, 2011

Enjoying the season

I really enjoy the prolonged fall weather in coastal Virginia. There's time to move plants, the grass and weeds grow slowly, the air is clear--the perfect season. I'd like a little more daylight at the end of the day but the evenings are an ideal time to take the dog for a walk. The only new plant blooming in my garden is Ligulraria. I've got two different varieties that I've moved around many times. I now keep them in pots buried in the ground so I can spot water them daily during the summer. They like to be kept moist and in a mostly shady spot.

Another flower that I haven't posted this year is Butterfly bush. It's still blooming its heart out.
A lot of reds in the foliage this year or I'm noticing it more. Sourwood is vibrant.
The berry of the week is this Holley. Last year it had just a few but this year it is loaded. I've never seen it so heavy with red berries. I got this from the end of the season discount bin about 6 or 7 years ago. 
The rose of the week is unknown--eventually I'll identify it but the tag was lost when I planted it. 
I've spent several days preparing a new rose bed in the church gardens. This year I plan to have the placement of each new rose mapped out so that the planting is better suited for each rose. Some of the roses listed below have already arrived and I've potted them. The rest should arrive in the next two weeks. Most were selected for cutting but several are memorials.  Here is the list:

American Beauty; Hybrid Perpetual
Brother Cadfael; David Austin
City of London; Floribunda
Deuil de Paul Fontaine; Moss
Enfant de France; Hybrid Perpetual
Fragrant Cloud; Hybrid Tea
Frederic Mistral; Hybrid Tea
Julia Child; Floribunda
Peace; Hybrid Tea
Royal William; Hybrid Tea 
Margaret Merrill; Floribunda
Mrs John Laing; Hybrid Perpetual
Queen Elizabeth; Floribunda 
Princess Diana; Hybrid Tea
Agnes; Hybrid Rugosa
Rosa Mundi; Damask
Madame Delbard; Hybrid Tea
Don Juan; Climber
Black Magic; Hybrid Tea
Michele Meilland; Hybrid Tea

Not many flowers from the garden this week and an arrangement.

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