Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dahlia peak bloom season

Just when everything in the garden seems to be winding down the Dahlias put on the best show of the year. It must be the cool damp weather that has produced this flush of bloom. I don't recall the names of these and don't feel like digging through my label box to find them. I'm sore and tired after roto-tilling a new rose bed at the church garden this weekend. Here are the Dahlias.

Another flower that has done well this fall is Salvia. I cut the Black and Blue back hard mid-summer since it was very leggy and it rewarded me with these intense blooms. The red is also blooming profusely now.
I don't believe the Chinese Rice Paper plant will bloom but the foliage is striking. I moved it this year and it took longer than I expected to recover.
The berry that I wanted to highlight this week is on Poets Laurel. It is a very slow growing shrub that produces excellent greenery for cut flower arrangements. It does well in dry shade. This one is about 20 years old and has about 3 foot branches.
The rose of the week is Golden Showers. This is a vigorous climber or pillar rose whose branches grow to 15 feet in my garden.
The cuttings for church flowers this week were all greenery and an arrangement.

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