Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Color

I spent some time last week traveling to upstate New York to visit my wife's family.  We took a route through the Pocono, Catskill, and Adirondack Mountains to catch the fall color. It was spectacular. These are pictures from the Saratoga Springs, NY area.
I try to visit the Yaddo Gardens on each visit though it was a little late in the season this year. The rose garden was prepared for winter, the fountains drained, and the statutes covered. I was impressed with the hilling of soil around the roses--that is a lot of work. The pergola is impressive and serves as a dramatic background for roses.
The next two plants in my garden have a tropical look; Fatsia and Bears Breach. I planted the fatsia about 20 years ago to hide trash containers and utilities. This is in mostly full shade and competing tree roots keep it very dry. It keeps its foliage throughout the year and has an interesting bloom in the fall. The next three pics show the bud and bloom stages.
This Bears Breach is about 15 years old and is in full shade. It dies back in winter, looks good in the spring, looses it's luster in the summer heat, and really gets its mojo back in the fall. Mine has never bloomed since I think it needs a little more sun. I have another one in backyard that is a newer hybrid introduction that is potted and I'm hoping it will bloom as it matures.
The berry of the week is strawberry bush--at least I think thats what it is. My neighbor took it upon himself to cut it back to the ground a couple of years ago since it is on the property line and it has been slow to recover. Not many seeds this year.
The rose of the week is Black Magic.
And lastly the church flowers this week and an arrangement.

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