Sunday, October 16, 2011

PassAlong Plants

When I look at the plants that I've received from family and friends I always think of them. If I visited a nursery with them and we picked the plant together I also remember it but if I ordered it from a catalogue or picked it up at a big box--not likely.  My brother sent me a box of plants this week.  The Scabiosa and Lily's of the Valley will go into the church garden and the grass in mine.  I took cuttings this weekend of another PassAlong plant in my garden. It's a Coleus that grew in my Grandmothers, my Mothers, my Brother and Sisters gardens and now in mine for the last 10 or so years.  I grow it in a large pot on the patio so I can think of them often.  This is the honored plant.
Another patio plant that does well for me every year is Dragon Wing Begonia.  It is a never fail plant.
 Anemone Honorine Jobert is approaching full bloom this week.
This Dahlia has never produced such large blooms. They are almost 6 inches across.
As the growing season comes to an end I thought I'd add a berry or seed pod each week.  Last week it was the Crabapple.  This week Lily of the Valley.
The Lantana and Melampodium in the curb garden love this hot dry spot.  The Lantana has interesting delicate flowers.
The rose of the week is Fair Bianca,  This white rose is tough to beat. When the buds in the second picture open this will be breathtaking.
The church flowers this week and an arrangement.

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  1. I love passalong plants, makes them special. Beautiful blooms!