Sunday, October 9, 2011

Soft Sunlight

Soft sunlight--this is what makes the fall season so enjoyable. As I relaxed on the patio this afternoon it was a treat to feel the soft almost mellow sunlight. It was one of those days that you just didn't want to end. Sunset came too soon. As I watched the birds pick the small crabapples I realized I needed to take a picture before they were gone.
With the cooler weather the Blue Horizon Ageratum is flourishing. This is a tall variety that I started from seed for cut flowers. The ones I planted in full sun in the church cutting garden have not done as well as these in my garden which are in partial sun.
The Coreopsis also have new blooms though not many.
The clumps of Oxalis are again bursting with color.
My favorite hibiscus color is a clear yellow. I didn't find one last year but did this year. This particular one has not been a prolific bloomer so I don't plan to over winter it.
A new plant last year was Soft Caress Mahonia. The foliage is interesting and I noticed today that it is blooming. I've never had a Mahonia bloom in the fall so this was a surprise.
The Rose of the Week is Oklahoma.
These are the church flower cuttings and an arrangement.

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  1. Great idea of using the Fatsia leaves for your arrangement. Love that yellow Hisbiscus too.