Sunday, October 2, 2011

Feels like December

Wow--quite a temperature change this week. I don't believe it got out of the 50's today with a damp chilly wind too.  Good weather for transplanting a few plants and making room for new shrubs and plants. This is the time of the year when I visit the local nursery's to check the clearance section. It's been slim picking since they haven't discounted that deeply yet and if it's not at least 50 per cent off I don't consider it a bargain. This is what's either new or looking good in my garden this week.  These are new Dahlias so their first year blooms are not that big yet. I like both of these.
I've got some phlox re-blooming now and I'm surprised that with all the wet weather that I don't have any mildew---yet.
This Dragon Wing Begonia struggles through the August heat but thrives in the Fall up to frost.
My Anemone seems to bloom later than what I see in other gardens but the first buds are finally opening.
The roses that I took cuttings of in mid-june have not only rooted but are now blooming. I'm so tickled, just had to show a picture of the blooms. They are Black Jack.
The rose of the week is Tahitian Sunset.  There were a number of great rose blooms this week but both the buds and full bloom of Tahitian Sunset seemed to sparkle on an overcast sky day.
The Church Flowers and an arrangement this week.

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