Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another wet weekend

Another weekend of showers off and on. I like the rain but I'd just like it to rain during the week. Wish full thinking!!!! I've gotten in the habit of looking for big spectacular flowers in the garden but this weekend I needed to step back and take a second look to capture the plants blooming that I wasn't seeing at first glance. I did get a few plants moved in the mist today--seems as though I never get a plant situated in the best spot the first time. In spite of the heavy overcast this past week the Angel Trumpet opened this afternoon. The longer I have this plant the more I like it--it meets the 'putting on a show' criteria.
I only have one azalea left that re-blooms in the Fall. Azaleas just go with Spring and the Fall blooming varieties seem out of place. It does have a lovely blossom though.
Persicaria red spikes are very attractive. They are in dry shade in my garden so they are somewhat stunted but it also curtails its invasiveness. I should have cut some for church flowers but overlooked them.
 The next bloom that I had overlooked was loroptetalum. 
Cleome is an old friends that just stood out on a gloomy day.
The Sedum heads are in full color this week. They look much better than in previous years.
The rose of the week is St. Patrick. Its Fall blooms are a deeper yellow and not tinged in green.
This weeks church flowers and an arrangement.

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