Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall has arrived

It was a cool and wet weekend. My garden needed this but I didn't get to spend any time taking care of it so feel sort of cheated. I had plans to transplant several shrubs and perennials to better locations and spent too much time wishing and hoping it would stop raining. The weather forecast was for intermittent showers clearing on Sunday but it was steady light rain both days.

One of the flowers that has not done well for me this year are Dahlias. Some broke in the hurricane winds since the stalks are brittle, the rabbits feasted on a couple, and I think the voles got one. I'll have a few more blooms later but this is the best one this week.
The next perennial, seems more like a shrub but dies back each winter, is Lespedeza thunbergii. It is a carefree plant growing to 4-5 feet that is definitely rabbit resistant and I'm told deer resistant too.
While I was taking pictures I noticed a Spiderwort blooming. I really like the flower but birds spread the seeds and invariable they sprout right next to another plant which they will smother in a year or two. It is almost a nuisance.
The beautyberry shrub berries are always spectacular. This shrub likes a hard pruning every year since it blooms on new wood.
The rose of the week is L D Braithwaite.
The church flower cuttings were sparse this week and an arrangement.

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