Sunday, September 11, 2011

Harvest Moon

The full moon tonight was a fitting end to the day. As I was spending some quiet time in the garden this evening remembering the events of ten years ago, the glow of a golden harvest moon put me at ease. A garden helps keep me centered.

A new first bloom for me is Red Spider Lily. These are similar to the naked ladies that bloomed earlier and when they didn't bloom with them I thought I'd go another year without blooms. But this week the stalks shot out of the ground and are in full bloom now.
A diminutive flower also in full bloom is Toad Lily.  The voles ravaged it earlier this year but I relocated it to a cage and it has recovered.
Also Fleece Flower is flowering. This is an interesting plant with arching variegated leaf branches that tolerates mostly shade.
About 3 months ago I took four cuttings of the Blackjack rose in my garden since I thought it was dying. This was my first attempt at rooting a rose cutting and it must be beginners luck since all four rooted and are now in pots. I can't wait until spring to move them to the garden.
The rose of the week is Double Delight.
This week I took mostly greenery for church flowers because I didn't have much blooming and they wanted to use white flowers to remember 9-11. Three of the arrangements they made follow.

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  1. Beautiful bouquets of white blooms Gene. Two of your profiled blooms today are ones that I planted and have not come up or bloomed. I am still thinking the Red Spider Lily/Resurrection Lily may still come up. We have been SSSOOOO dry. My toadlily is all but gone for the dry conditions as well...even though it is in an area of irrigation.