Sunday, December 11, 2011

Short Days

Short days and chilly nights slowly put my garden to sleep. But I'm still waiting for a hard freeze. I thought it might be last night so moved Geraniums, Ferns, Plumbago, Jade, Christmas Cactus, and Hibiscus into the garage or house.  This morning the impatiens were still healthy so I'm still waiting. Last year I lost a white and a red Crown of Thorns to the first frost so I've been watching more closely this year.  This week I took a day off from work to finish up a new section of garden at church; the roses, perennials, and bulbs were planted and all new bare ground was mulched heavy and covered with pine straw.  I wasn't rushed, the weather was mild, dirt feels good in my hands, and when I took a break I enjoyed looking at what I had done. It was a special day for me.  While there I took this photo of Prairie Sun Black Eyed Susan still bloomimg.  I started them from seed and they provided cut flowers for the last five months.
Two other plants in my home garden that have had a long bloom season this fall are Mahonia and Fatsia.
Here is a pot of Geraniums ready to be moved into the garage.  In the past I've pulled them and hung them upside or cut them and wrapped the stems in newspapers for the winter but leaving them in the pots seems to work just as well and they bloom quicker in the spring.
The cool and then warm weather has confused the Angel Trumpet.  It lost it's leaves early but is now covered with new growth.
The seeds on the Mistletoe are much smaller this year. This plant is fascinating to me.
The rose of the week is Black Magic. This may be the last week for roses.
The church arrangement this week is the Advent wreath. The third Sunday of Advent is known as Gaudete Sunday.  Pink or Rose colored flowers and candles are used to symbolize rejoicing this week.

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  1. I can't believe you haven't had a hard frost yet, we have had a couple. Love the blooms on the Fatsia.